Calendar of Events

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Tuesday, April 14th – Wicca 101: Connecting with and Honoring the Goddess and God w/Lady Autumn Ivy Connecting with our Deities in this fast paced world can be very difficult at times. Often they are showing us signs and answering our prayers but we ignore them because we aren’t in-tune with our spirituality due to stress level, daily burdens, work schedules etc. With simple grounding techniques, meditation and daily devotions your connection with the Goddess/God will become stronger and enhance the relationship you have with them making it easier to feel and recognize their presence. We will also briefly discuss Pantheons from different cultures, how to honor them and which Deity you should be working with at this time. 7-9PMCost $25 or $20 by 4/13

Friday, April 17th– The Akashaic Records w/Jeremy Moser Have you ever wondered: What your Spirit’s truth is and how to reveal your life purpose? Why you are having your current life experience?  How to unveil your Spirit’s power and begin creating the life of your dreams? This informational workshop will offer answers to these spiritual questions and more. You will be invited to interactively participate in a guided meditation accessing the wisdom of your own personal Akasha. There will be a brief 15-minute question & answer session following the presentation.7-9PM Cost $25 or $20 by 4/16

Saturday, April 18th – Psychic Fair: Join us for a Very Special Psychic Fair! The Most Amazing Lineup of South Florida’s Premier Psychics! Lori Chadwicks: psychic/tarot/paranormal.  Former owner of the Witches Hat and over 20 years of experience reading Tarot, specializes in love and business. Denise Powell: intuitive/tarot/angelic messages. Specializes in romance, career and finances. Arliss Beabout:  certified Angel Practitioner/intuitive/clairvoyant/claire audient. Specializes in romance, career and finances. Elli  medium/ psychic,/spirit guide/ emotional healer. She attended the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science in Stansted, England during summer of 2012. Specializes connecting clients with their loved ones who have passed, relationship advice, financial clarity, career choices, emotional healing, as well as helping clients reach a clearer picture of the decisions they are making in life. 12-5PM 1 reading=15 min. Cost $25; 2 readings $50; 3 readings $65; 4 readings $80; All Merchandise 10% off!

Sunday, April 19th – Labyrinth: A Spiritual Journey w/ Sara Dochterman Participants are invited to experience the labyrinth as a form of walking meditation, used to calm and quiet the mind. The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool that is thousands of years old, walked by millions of people of all cultures and traditions. The labyrinth is not a maze, as it has no wrong turns or dead ends. Rather than a puzzle to be solved, it is a walking prayer, a walking meditation, with only one path to the center. Sara Dochterman, LCSW is a holistic life coach and therapist in private practice. She is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and has facilitated walks for many groups since 2009. Additionally, she leads workshops and retreats focused on creativity, mindfulness and spirituality. 7-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 4/18

Tuesday, April 21st – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 4/20

Friday, April 24th – Angel Messages w/Deidre Abrami Join Deirdre, 6th Generation Psychic Intuitive & Angel Expert as she connects and communicates with your angels.  Your angels can help you with all areas of your life: health, relationships, career, purpose and much much more! Deirdre will guide you through a meditation to meet your personalized angels, and once you do, you will open the door to continually connect with them.  She will also be sharing loving message with attendees.   Deirdre did not embrace her Angels until after a life-threatening illness in 2003, her Angels helped heal her, and now she teaches others to do the same. 7-9PM Cost $35 or $30 by 4/23

Sunday, April 26th – A Spiritual Tune-up Day at The Duncan Center w/Jamar With the hectic pace of day-to-day life, it becomes necessary to set time aside not only for spiritual maintenance, but to clear and go deeper. If we are not moving forward, life has a tendency to drag us backwards as we lose ground to the overwhelming influence of the mind. Instead of enjoying life we end up managing it. Let’s stop and re-access if today’s direction is the one you choose when you connect with that holy place inside. Your six-hour journey to wholeness will take place at the Duncan Retreat Center and include a catered vegetarian Lunch. We will use a combination of modalities, and experiential practices; morning yoga, labyrinth walk, dyads, guided relaxation, play therapy, and transformational breathing, to bring you into a state of blissful connectedness.  You will leave feeling restored, open, grounded, and well-rested.  Set aside a day and set yourself free! 10-4PM Cost $135 or $110 by 4/25

Sunday April 26th – Bhakti Shakti Kirtan w/Acharya PremShakti and friends. PremShakti brings 40 years of chanting experience from around the world to this evening of ecstatic chanting, dancing and meditation. Enjoy the depth, power, and bliss of this beautiful spiritual practice. This evening will: relax your body with healing energy, expand your consciousness, invoke the pure love of your heart, dissolve your ego into the bliss of the True Self. Bathe in these profound, healing energies of divine Shakti and open your heart to the Divine Presence. 7-8:30PM Cost is $20 or $15 by 4/25

Tuesday, April 28th – Hypnosis for Weight Loss w/Maya Malay Hypnosis gently allows the subconscious to absorb new feelings; behaviors that will support you weight loss goals. Shifting the thoughts and patterns at a deeper level of consciousness allows for a release of old blocks and an integration of tools, positive and motivated thinking and new habits that support ease and effortlessness in reaching and maintaining your ideal size. Feel healthy immediately; a love for exercise and the body in its optional state, hypnosis makes it easy. 7-9PM Cost $25 or $20 by 4/27