Calendar of Events

SPECIAL EVENT WEEKEND October 9th – 11th
Reclaim Your SuperpowersTMw/Jamar
Friday 6-9PM, Saturday 9-5PM, Sunday 9-12PM
Cost $299 or $249 BY 10/2 or $199 by 9/25

Monday, Aug 24th – Yoga for Beginner’s Series w/Jamar (6Wks) Designed as a complete introduction to yoga or a great way to renew your yoga experience. Learn warm-ups, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation and relaxation techniques as our foundation. Learn to listen for and release emotional, spiritual and physical trauma or holding patterns stored in the body and again experience body, mind and motions working together through yoga. 7-8:45PM Cost $115 or $99 by 8/23 or drop-in fee $20 per class

Thursday, Aug 27th – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 8/26

Friday, Aug 28th Meet Your Spirit Guides and Reading’s w/Deirdre Abrami Your spirit guides have answers for you!  Your spirit guides can share…your life purpose, path, and detailed information about you.  Join Deirdre Abrami, 6th Generation Psychic Intuitive for this 2 hour class to meet and communicate with your personal spirit guides. Everyone is born with spirit guides; they assist you with planning your life path prior to your birth.  They are committed to being your guide until you transition back to heaven.  Since your guides assist with your life path, they have all the detailed information about you, and since most of us at birth forget our path, our guide’s job is to steer us in the right direction.  However, they cannot control or make us do anything, because of God’s rule of “free will,” so ASKING for your guides help, can change your entire life! Spirit guides help with all areas of your life…career, love life, health, and much more.  Deirdre will first share messages from your spirit guides, and then she will teach you to do the same.  This class is non-denominational and no previous experience is required. 7-9PM Cost $35 or $30 by 8/27

Saturday, Aug 29th Breaking the Cycles: Empowering the Spirit w/Jeremy Crumb Do you feel the need to reconnect to your spirit and allow it to create the empowerment needed to jump start healing from trauma? Ultimately allowing the release of addiction and the ability to manifest the life you truly desire. You will reconnect to your Inner Spirit to allow you to feel alive again. Empower your spirit to give you the strength and plan to create the life you desire. Unleash your empowered spirit so that you can start creating the life you want. Up until now we have been working one on one with clients creating the transformations in their lives! Now we want to share the steps we use with them, with you. Due to the intense nature of the workshop there’s limited space for 15 participants. 10-5PM Cost $125 or $100 by 8/28

Sunday, Aug 30th – Advance Energy Anatomy w/David Winfree author of The Evolution of the Human Energy Field and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny, written in collaboration with Cristo L. Bowers, in a voyage of discovery into new information about the human energy field. This class illuminates the evolutionary nature of the human energy field, over the course of one life, and across many life-times, both in individuals and in all of humanity. This class focuses special attention upon the Archetypal Patterns that uniquely shape and influence each individual, the 12 Lines of Force that encircle the energy field, the 5 Chakras (centers of consciousness) above the head, the Primary Chakra, below the feet, and the relationship between the higher dimensions of consciousness, including the Logos, Monad, Ego and the Personality (the Personality being composed of the lower mental, astral/ emotional and etheric subtle bodies and the physical body). 12-2 PM Cost $25 or $20 by 8/29

Sunday, Aug 30th – Highest Divine Expression Workshop w/David Winfree Do you have a desire to be the Highest Expression of Divinity that the Divine Mind would express through, in, and as you in this life? This workshop will guide those who have such a desire in the essential knowledge and actions required to activate the higher chakras (those above the crown) and how to complete the energetic bridge between the Crown Chakra and the 12th Chakra (Monad or the Soul) so that the Divine energy and consciousness may shine brightly within you. The energy transmitted through David, and the Angels/Devas participating with him, will initiate shifts in your energy field, thereby enhancing your own capacity to move more swiftly toward achieving your Highest Divine Expression.  3-6 PM Cost $45 or $40 by 8/29

Every Tuesday, Sept 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29thZyto Scan today! w/Jeremy Moser Are you seeking natural solutions for your health concerns? This quick and painless scan, using just one of your hands, evaluates your body’s energetic field and provides recommendations in an easy-to-read report. Invest in your on-going health & wellbeing!2-7PM Cost $13

Every Tuesday, Sept 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29thReiki Healing Session today! w/The Jeremy’s Reiki energy is a transformational agent of healing, relaxation, stress reduction and wholeness, especially for those who are suffering from chronic pain, emotional turmoil, thought storms or spiritual upheaval. A Reiki healing session is an invitation for your body to identify blocks, misalignments and obstructions with the intention of energetically clearing and healing them. In a Reiki healing environment that fosters rejuvenation and relaxation, your body’s natural rhythmic balance is restored and unrestricted vital force energy freely flows through your body. Reiki healing energy is derived from the vital force energy that is abundantly available throughout the universal and etheric fields of existence. Reiki healing energy is uniquely experienced by each individual client. The results of a Reiki session many times produce different sensations some of which include a return of connectivity to God/Source/Universal energy, actionable visual and/or thought messages regarding the blocks and intended release and some even experience physical healing.2-7PM Cost 30 min is $45 and 60 min is $75

Wednesday, Sept 2nd – Life Empowerment Group w/Jamar (6 Wks)This 6 weeks class is for those of you who want to be empowered to make the changes in your life. Changes that you know you want, and need. Quite basically, a group charged with helping you to help yourself. We all know what we need to do but get stuck in old patterns, apathy, complacency, procrastination, and fear. We need that loving additional support to continually make those adjustments and changes day-by-day. Most of us lack energy to see clearly and then to follow through.  This can and will apply to any area of your life that you choose. By shifting your paradigm, receiving loving support, and accountability-Yes you can. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $175 or $149 by 9/1

Thursday, Sept 3rd Help From Heaven Direct From Spirit w/Connie Fox I Can Help You Find the Answers to Your Most Important Questions! Connie Fox communicates directly with spirit in an unusual way. She translates, word for word, from various spirit forms of consciousness. She can converse with your soul, angels, your loved ones, Jesus and Babaji, as well as animals. Connie has been heard on talk radio and is the published author of The Power of You and Help From Heaven. Her third book, Messages from the Master is soon to be published. Connie has consulted with thousands of people internationally in the last decade. Many ask questions about relationships, family, finances, career-paths and work concerns; emotional and physical issues, creating more inner peace, revealing life’s purpose and spiritual growth. You can easily be guided through challenging decisions and uncertainty, coping, grieving and loss. You may also communicate with your deceased loved one or with your pets to better deal with their physical or behavioral issues. Some ask for better understanding and help with conflict resolution, legal matters, identifying obstacles in one’s life and even global concerns. 7-9PM Cost $25 or $20 by 9/2

Friday, Sept 4th – Private Psychic Readings w/Countess Nadia Starella Schedule a one-on-one, in-person, private session with gifted Psychic Countess Nadia Starella. She is a visionary, clairvoyant, international celebrity, and TV/radio star, who shares profound messages wrapped up in mirth. She is an enlightenment facilitator, romance counselor and charismatic speaker! 2-6PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

SPECIAL EVENT Friday, Sept 4th – Introduction to Transformational Breath® w/Jamar Discover how breath is the key to personal transformation. This is an extremely powerful modality that brings amazing changes in the area of your life where you need it most. Come watch and experience the art of Breath Analysis and the benefits of a full, deep, connected breath. See how one’s breathing pattern is a reflection of how one shows up in life – or doesn’t – and how to shift that. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns, clear the subconscious and connect more fully with one’s Higher Self. Begin to heal yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Bring 2 pillows, a water bottle, and a blanket. 7-9:30PM Cost $45 or $40 by 9/3

Thursday, Sept 10th – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 9/9

Friday, Sept 11th – Private Psychic/Medium Readings w/Internationally Known 5th Generation Joan Balarezo Passeggio. Schedule a one-on-one, in-person, private session with Joan who will connect with your angels, deceased loved ones, energy and more to receive accurate loving messages. She has healed thousands of people by sharing messages validating their loved one is truly “alive” and well in heaven. Joan is well known in New York as being a Psychic Medium and has assisted the Police for years in solving cases and hosted a popular talk radio show for several years. She has also traveled the world with other master teachers with her healing work.  Joan has been talking to deceased people since she was two years old.  Her family still recalls her messages from spirit scaring teachers, friends and strangers because of the accurate messages she would deliver. Joan did not care about negative reactions she received over the years, as she knew she had a purpose to serve. She is Deirdre Abrami’s aunt. 2-6PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

Friday, Sept 11thPsychic Forum w/Joseph LoBrutto During the first part of this event, Joseph will perform random readings throughout the audience, as he communicates directly with loved ones. As a mental medium he will sometimes take on the personality of the deceased person by mimicking mannerisms you may remember from when they were alive. After Joseph has completed the random readings he then will answer questions for those who have not received a reading, be it mediumistic or life path. As a Gifted Psychic, Joseph works with people to help them gain a deeper understanding through the use of his ability to see what life has in store for them, which can help them to choose the right path. Everyone guaranteed a Psychic Reading. 7-9PM Cost $60 or $50 by 9/10 Limit 25

Saturday, Sept 12th Divine Healing w/Joseph LoBrutto It was John of God from Brazil who informed Joseph that he will be coming into his healing abilities. Today many have received miraculous healings of major diseases, trauma, depression along with receiving spiritual balance for a healthy Mind, Body & Soul. Imagine in a group setting the Healing Masters/Angels making an appearance working on people who are in need of healing continuously for 24/7 During the healing people have commented about feeling the presence of the Healing Masters/Angels manipulating parts of their body, along with the feeling of heat and/or a tingling sensation inside their body as the healing process is taken place. Most people will comment about feeling an intense heat where Joseph places his hands as he give his personal attention to everyone. 1-3PM Cost $45 or $35 by 9/11 Limit 25

Saturday, Sept 12th – Speaking to Heaven w/Joseph LoBrutto Will be facilitating an outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style often seen on TV! He has received awards naming him the best psychic in South Florida and is listed as one the Top 100 Psychics of America. Known for his warm heart and humbleness, Joseph has helped countless people who are grieving with the loss of a loved one by delivering validating messages of love, hope and joy from the departed soul. Be prepared to receive and witness fun filled and heartfelt messages as he gives random readings to the audience.  6-8PM Cost $45 or $35 by 9/11

Sunday, Sept 13th – Live Channel w/Laura Mirante Have you ever wondered what your soul feels about who you are and how you are living this human life? What is it that confuses you most about life as a human being? Would you like to know why you keep having the same kinds of experiences? Why you keep attracting the same kind of relationships? Where it is you can place your focus in order to shift the direction your life is moving in? Would you like to know now what it is your soul is seeing and how you can shift your experience to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose? Have you ever wondered what it was going to be like when you leave this earth plane and you re-engage the soul that you are? The answers to all of these questions are available to you from the point of view of your higher self/your soul, and the way to attain this kind of information is to begin to open up to the idea that there is a limitless resource of information and inspiration in the energy that we are all a part of. This is the energy Laura taps into when she channels. She is a direct soulful messenger that allows human beings to hear the point of view of the soul. Laura Mirante is an internationally recognized Spiritual Channel and a soul-centered teacher and healer. For the past 10 years, Laura has been giving Spirit a voice and reconnecting others to their higher self and their soul’s purpose through individual channeling sessions, as well as group channels during monthly podcasts, workshops and public channels.   Teaching through faith and inspiring hope, she helps others to release fear, reconnect to their truth and live life in a soul-directed way. In this kind of gathering you can expect to hear from loved ones on the other-side, angels, guides ascended masters, and the higher aspects of human beings that are still here in the physical including yourself! Wayne Dyer says: “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”Have you ever wondered what it would be like to engage this life without feeling overwhelmed in the fears that you have been conditioned to believe you need to use to dictate your actions and your movements? The human mind is a programmable aspect of the human experience and it is currently programmed within a model defined in fear. Channeled information can assist you in reprogramming the mind in order to live from a place of love, acceptance, and divine awareness. Allow yourself to feel the connection by engaging this gathering and adding your own energy of curiosity. It is an enormous opportunity to engage life from an expansive point of view. There is no question to big or to small, Laura can bring in the insight for it all. 3-5PM Cost $25 or $20 by 9/12

Tuesday, Sept 15th – Goddess Circle w/Katy Belmont join us for a monthly celebration for all women to explore and embody their incarnation of the divine feminine. A supportive, nurturing, and learning environment to deepen our individual paths. A place to delve deep into your well of inner knowing, a safe, open and accepting flow of energy where you are free to simply be, to comfort and empower you where you need it, filled with compassion, love, and acceptance. A place to celebrate all that you are, right here in this present moment free of judgment. Let’s sit beside one another in support, nourishment, growth and love in honoring one another’s unique path no matter how far apart we are. A specific Goddess will be featured each month for you to learn about as well as a short meditation. Please bring a journal and dress comfortably. 7:30-8:30PM Cost $20 or $15 by 9/14

Thursday, Sept 17th – Channeled Energy Guide “Omar” Teaches The Law of Attraction w/Elizabeth Margolis Are you receiving what you want? Are you able to manifest your dreams? Are you wanting to restore health and happiness back into your life? Are you creating your innermost desires? Can you see yourself free from burden and hardship? Can you see yourself aligned with the Energy Source that creates worlds? Are you ready to make a change for the better? If so, this is the class for you. Once you gain control over the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel, your life will transform before your eyes. This class will be completely channeled from Omar to Elizabeth. Omar’s intent is to teach all participants of this class that a Universal Force is working with them and through them through the Law of Attraction. Elizabeth and Omar are looking forward to assisting class members to an understanding of this Law so that they can see and feel the Power of the Universe working for them in a very real manner producing results that they have been wanting to receive. Elizabeth is an author, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Channeling/Medium. She has had Channeling/Medium abilities since early childhood. All information presented in any format including books, classes, workshops, webcasts and private readings are channeled to Elizabeth from a stream of consciousness known to her as Omar. Omar is of Infinite Intelligence and is seeking to provide humans with the tools to grow themselves forward in the best possible way. 7-9PM Cost $25 or $20 by 9/16

Friday, Sept 18th – Akashic Record Manifesting Framework: Unlock the Road Map to Your Life of Abundance & Fulfillment w/ Jeremy Moser IT’S TIME TO ACTIVATE YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE! This two-hour event will reveal the essential components you must align within your own Divine self-expression to manifest more abundance, truly enriching relationships as well as accelerate your spiritual evolution. Discover how your Soul creates its experience with both your primary energy center as well as two key elements of the your Akashic record manifesting framework. You will leave this class with practical steps to take that will produce results!!! 7-9 PM Cost $30 or $25 by 9/17

Saturday, Sept 19th – Psychic Fair: Join us for a Very Special Psychic Fair! The Most Amazing Lineup of South Florida’s Premier Psychics. Joan Balarezo Passeggio: psychic/ medium. Internantionally known,   5th generation psychic medium with 50 years of experience and Deirdre Abrami’s aunt. Lori Chadwick: psychic/intuitive/tarot/paranormal. Former owner of the Witches Hat and over 20 years of experience. Denise Powell: intuitive/tarot/angelic messages. She teaches universal truths and promotes the importance of gratitude, sharing and embracing love, and spiritual understanding. Arliss Beabout: intuitive/clairvoyant/claire audient. Certified Angel Practitioner by Deirdre Abrami. Her chosen path is to extend something more meaningful and deeper to other lives. Robert Austin: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Private Sessions. The powerful vibrations of sound penetrate the body during a private session, giving a gentle internal massage to all your cells. Relax, as Crystal Bowl Healing Energy and healing harmonic sound resonates with the body, balancing the chakras and re-energizing the auric field. Stimulate and restore the harmony between the physical and spiritual planes of the body. During and after attending a private session with Robert, individuals’ experiences may include: Physical Relaxation, Reduced Anxiety, Reduced Pain, Mental Clarity, Emotional Release, and Restful Sleep. 12-5PM 1 reading=15 min. Cost $25; 2 readings $50; 3 readings $65; 4 readings $80; All Merchandise 10% off!

Sunday, Sept 20th 9-6 Rented out

Sunday, Sept 20th – One Love Vibrations w/Tecia Linville & Joda Cook Join us for a engaging and experiential evening of opening up the heart. Be prepared to expand your capacity to receive and express Love and Compassion. Tecia, skilled in playing the Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Harp & Crystal Pyramid and Joda, master musician with his aboriginal Australian didgeridoo, combine these powerful vibrational instruments to help release old beliefs and blockages from your physical and spiritual bodies, while opening our Heart Center to receive every more, Love and Compassion. 7-9PM Cost is $25 or $20 by 9/19

Tuesday, Sept 22nd – Freedom from Fear w/Maya Malay Fear can be one of the most limiting emotions that we experience. It can render us helpless in the face of situations that we encounter, cause us to avoid that which would benefit us, and fear can lead us to decisions that restrict our lives from being all they can be. Learn the source of fear, how to work directly with releasing fear and how to break the habit of living in fear. Now is the time to step into the life of our dreams, fearlessly and courageously. Learn how to overcome obstacles that you may be facing without fear, and how to develop courage and a fearlessness that allows you to move forward in strength, confidence and an optimistic view. 7-9PM Cost $25 or $20 by 9/21

Thursday, Sept 24th – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 7/23

Friday, Sept 25th –Private Psychic Readings w/Lori Chadwick Make an enchanted appointment with Lori. She is the former owner of the Witch’s Hat located in Royal Palm Beach, Fl.  She has been a Tarot reader for 20 years occasionally using her mediumship to guide her.   Lori specializes in BUSINESS prosperity, in bringing LOVE and HARMONY to all her clients through her work with energy and blessing of the candles. She’s also very experienced with animal energy being able to guide the owner. She has been the guest speaker in numerous radio talk shows and has been a featured business in the local papers. Lori has the distinction of being a 5th generation WICCA high priestess. 11-4PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

Friday, Sept 25th – Healing Ancestral Karma: Freeing Yourself from Unhealthy Family Patterns w/Dr Steven Farmer This fresh and innovative workshop will provide an opportunity for you to clear and heal the karmic wounds from your lineage. Your genetic and soul’s coding together are such strong influences that you may find yourself puzzled as to why you continue to repeat the same patterns in spite of your desire not to do so and your corresponding efforts to change. Clearing these unhealthy family patterns that inhabit your psyche and exhibit themselves in your thoughts, feelings, and actions will help you heal the repetitive patterns you find yourself enacting. They will also positively affect subsequent generations such that your children and your children’s children will be free of the unwanted karmic influences as well. Karma is not fate. In this powerful workshop you will: Be guided by Dr. Farmer through a process to heal your ancestral karma. Find out how to heal a problematic condition in yourself with the help of an ancestor. Learn the difference between biological, territorial, and spiritual ancestors. Discover the spiritual evolution that an ancestor goes through in the afterlife. Get to meet an elder ancestor, one of the Old Ones from your lineage. Participate in a ceremony where you will receive a blessing from the Old Ones. In addition, he’ll do a few random audience readings using his Earth Magic Oracle cards. Dr. Farmer will available to sign books after the workshop. 7-10PM Cost $47 or $42 by 9/24

Saturday, Sept 26th– Private Earth Magic® Healing Sessions w/ Dr. Steven Farmer Dr. Farmer brings a unique psycho-spiritual approach to healing in these private consultations, one that incorporates both psychological and spiritual methodologies in a unique blend that is tailored to your particular needs. The session will typically begin with a brief conversation to identify what you’re seeking while simultaneously giving you and Dr. Farmer an opportunity to achieve vibrational alignment. It will often be followed by an Earth Magic® reading using any of his oracle cards to further elaborate on what is needed. As a Master Healer, he brings his many years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Soul Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, and Trauma Recovery Specialist into service on your behalf. The treatments may include Soul Recovery, Soul Clearing, Power Animal Retrieval, Clearing Ancestral Patterns, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, EMDR, EFT, and Breathwork. The choice of procedures will be determined by your request, spiritual guidance, and practical considerations. 11-5PM Cost $200 for 1 hour

Saturday, Sept 26th– Healing Circle w/Dr. Steven Farmer This will be a very intense, powerful healing experience in a group setting. Dr. Farmer will guide participants in some shamanic healing processes, including receiving a healing message from an animal spirit guide, contacting an ancestor for healing, and receiving blessings from the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Old Ones of the Spirit world. In addition Steven will facilitate a community shamanic healing. If you wish you can bring a sacred object to place on the altar for the duration of the evening and it will receive the blessings and power of our work. This circle is limited to 24 people maximum and you must pre-register to be included. 6:30-9PM Cost $52 or $48 by 9/25