Calendar of Events

~ December 2016 ~

SPECIAL EVENT: December 1st – 12th – Twelve Days of Christmas Sale Begins! Our much Anticipated and always Extraordinary Twelve Days of Christmas Sale is here!!! Save an Amazing 50% to 80% off different items each day December 1st– 12th


Tuesday, December 6th – Reiki Healing Circle with Sound w/Karen Truhon, RN Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Sound Alchemist. An opportunity to immerse yourself in receiving the healing vibrations of Reiki, Crystal & Tibetan Bowls. Every part of us vibrates & these combined vibrations create harmonious patterns emotionally, mentally & physically. Allowing stuck energy to move & heal. Filling every cell of your Be-ing with Unconditional LOVE. Join Karen as each attendee receives peaceful loving vibrations & a meditation to connect to the Heart of Mother Earth. 7-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 12/5 – Click to Register Online 

Wednesday, December 7th – Festival of Light – Holiday Meditation w/Maya Malay The holiday time is a sacred season. Its abundant with love and light, filled with a palpable presence of magic and miracles. It is truly a time when we can open our hearts, envision our dreams and touch the Divine. In this we can rediscover a sense of wonder, experience spiritual rejuvenation and enter the new year with joy, excitement, positivity and peace. Join in for this evening of beauty, candlelight and meditation that will truly make your holiday season one of particular significance. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 12/6 – Click to Register Online 

Thursday, December 8th – Group Gallery Readings and Energy Healing w/Loretta LoGrasso Loretta is a natural clear channel that works as a team with Spiritual Master Teachers such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, all the Angels and other Ascended Masters. She brings through messages and healing, from these Loving Master Teachers, Angels and your Loved Ones, with vivid detailed descriptions. Spiritual healing energies will bring clarity, balance and replenish your heart and soul with Love. Come hear and experience what Higher Spiritual Beings and your Loved Ones in Spirit have to share. In Gallery style readings everyone will receive a spirit connection. The length of each individual connection varies with each group and the group dynamic. Please see Loretta’s Bio on the Jamar Enlightenment Center’s website: in the Psychic and Yoga section or go to Cost $35 or $30 by 12/7 – Click to Register Online 

Friday, December 9th – Introduction to Transformational Breath® w/Jamar Discover how breath is the key to personal transformation.  This is an extremely powerful modality that brings amazing changes in the area of your life where you need it most. Come watch and experience the art of Breath Analysis and the benefits of a full, deep, connected breath. See how one’s breathing pattern is a reflection of how one shows up in life – or doesn’t – and how to shift that. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns, clear the subconscious and connect more fully with one’s Higher Self.  Begin to heal yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 6:30-9PM Cost $45 or $40 by 12/8 – Click to Register Online 

 Saturday, December 10th – Psychic Fair: Join us for a Very Special Psychic Fair! The Most Amazing Lineup of South Florida’s Premier Psychics. 12-5PM 1 session=15 min. Cost $25; 2 sessions $50; 3 sessions $65; 4 sessions $80; All Merchandise 10% off! Featuring: Lori Chadwick — Psychic/Intuitive/Tarot/Paranormal, Kristina Angelgate — Spiritual/Angelic/Intuitive, Suzanne Harrison — Spiritual and Intuitive Tarot Reader, Loretta LoGrasso — Spiritual Channel/Energy Healing, Paula Klempay — Energy Balancing and Empowerment – Click to Register Online 

Tuesday, December 13th – Full Moon Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 12/12 – Click to Register Online 

Wednesday, December 14th – Ascension, Planetary Awakening, and DNA Activations w/Lori Spagna What if YOU could easily and effectively tap into YOUR Intuitive gifts, talents and abilities, have a direct connection to The Universal Divine Source of Consciousness and LOVE with access to unlimited wisdom, love, insight, guidance, information and energy?  Learn About The Shift of Consciousness on Planet Earth, Ascension, The Awakening of Planet Earth and YOUR Dormant DNA. Receive Potent & Effective LIVE Transformational Sacred Energy Healing & DNA Activations. Lori Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker and Visionary who practices and teaches Ascension, Animal Communication, Intuition and Energy Healing and also provides Sacred Energy Transmissions and Dormant DNA Activations for both humans and animals. No one will be turned away from a lack of funds 6:30-9:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 12/13 – Click to Register Online 

Thursday, December 15th – Sound Bath w/Christine & Jahmaal Hays (Eastern Vibration) This experience is designed to guide listeners on a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration. The sounds promote healing on all levels, deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and open the body’s entire energetic system. During the Sound Bath you will either lie on the floor or sit in a Backjack or chair and simply relax and listen. Most people close their eyes and go on an inward journey as you are guided through meditation. Your awareness is focused on the sounds of planetary bowls and gongs while Jahmaal’s calming voice penetrates into your very soul, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated. Dress in comfortable clothing and prepare for a new experience. 7:30-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 12/14 – Click to Register Online 

Friday, December 16th – Private Psychic Readings w/Lori Chadwick Make an enchanted appointment with LoriShe is the former owner of the Witch’s Hat located in Royal Palm Beach, Fl.  She has been a Tarot reader for 20 years occasionally using her mediumship to guide her.   Lori specializes in BUSINESS prosperity, in bringing LOVE and HARMONY to all her clients through her work with energy and blessing of the candles. She’s also very experienced with animal energy being able to guide the owner. She has been the guest speaker on numerous radio talk shows and has been a featured business in the local papers. Lori has the distinction of being a 5th generation WICCA high priestess. 11-4PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100 – Click to Register Online 

Friday, December 16th – Akashic Records Workshop w/Lily Winsaft In the higher dimensions of our planetary system’s inner world lies a fountain of knowledge and wisdom available to us all. From this ethereal plane we are able to gain information reflecting all the recorded memories of humanity – past, present and future. This amazing Akashic Records workshop will not only teach you about this mysterious world of divine wisdom, but also show you exactly how to access your own personal records whenever you wish to do so. Whether accessing memories from past lives, from childhood, or from our present or potential future paths, we are guided with immense love, light and grace by the Masters and Teachers that reside in this wondrous dimension. They are here to help us navigate the challenges inherent on this Earth experience. Join us for this 2 hour journey and your life will never be the same! Lily Z. Winsaft, a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur whose life purpose is to help others be inspired into action by remembering who they are and why they are here on this beautiful planet, has been reading the Akashic Records for over a decade. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $35 or $30 by 12/15 – Click to Register Online 

Saturday, December 17th – 2 Hour Live Channeling w/ Stephanie Levenston This is a group gathering of open-minded and open-hearted individuals who would like to receive messages from loved ones on the Other Side or those who are still on the physical plane. Depending on group size, everyone will have the opportunity to ask at least one question and receive guidance from Spirit regarding their specific question. Questions can be about specific beings, life situations, relationships, professional related, personal, anything! Stephanie Levenston is an Intuitive Channel/Medium who shares her gifts of spiritual connection to bring forward messages from the highest place of love and elevation. All messages are delivered with the highest vibration and group participants often leave these venues feeling hopeful, uplifted, joyful, unburdened, lightened, connected to their own spirit, and excited for the possibilities that this new perspective can bring. 2-4PM Cost $40 or $35 by 12/16 – Click to Register Online 

Sunday, December 18th – Winter Solstice Shamanic Journey w/Paula Klempay Join us to learn what your personal opportunities and challenges are this winter. We will welcome the new season and will journey to get guidance and advice on how to navigate the upcoming months. All are welcome. Paula Klempay has been a Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer and Teacher since 1994.  She trained extensively with the Sandra Ingerman and with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS). See for more information about Paula and her work. 4-6PM Cost $30 or $25 by 12/17 – Click to Register Online 

Tuesday, December 27th – Seasonal Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 12/26 – Click to Register Online 

Wednesday, December 28th – New Moon Water Ceremony and Sound Healing Activation w/David Rodriguez Join David Rodriguez as he facilitates a powerful water discussion and intentional meditation. Learn how to place intention into water and program it to be beneficially enhanced for the body’s consumption. Participants will have their foreheads anointed with intentional water through the application of a sacred sigil, provided to David through a deep meditation, that reprograms the water in the body. Following this process he will conclude the ceremony by taking everyone in attendance on a guided meditation through the energetic depths within themselves along with a Tank Drum Sound Healing. 7-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 12/27 – Click to Register Online 

SPECIAL EVENT: Sunday, January 1st – Year End Closure and Renewal Day w/Jamar Spend a relaxing day integrating and releasing 2016 and preparing a space to welcome all things good into your life for 2017! We begin with morning yoga, a guided visualization before lunch, Transformational Breath, masterful communication (Dyads) as we process last year, and finish with a Vision map for what is next.. We will bring a sense of closure to the past, and anticipation and excitements to what’s next in your Life! If you don’t choose what’s important to you in the upcoming year, life & circumstances will choose for you! Includes lunch. 10AM-5PM Cost $135 or $110 by 12/31 RSVP Early!! – Click to Register Online 

Events, Workshops & Classes Cancellation Policy:

Notification of cancellation of your attendance or participation in any event, workshop or class must be received verbally during normal store hours at least 24-hours in advance of scheduled start time to be honored.  A credit will then be applied to your account for future use toward any event, workshop, class or store purchase. No same day cancellations will be accepted. Failure to give notice will result in forfeiting of your payment.