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Tuesday, September 23rd – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns.  6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 9/22

Friday, September 26th – Amazing Grace w/Lee Ann Somers In this evening workshop through a channeled message and guided meditation, you will feel the presence of Divine Love and Light flowing freely as GRACE to bless and align you with what is for your highest and best good NOW, learn to heal with GRACE as it removes blockages, opens your heart, and facilitates communication with your Guides in Spirit, and invite GRACE to transform your life by allowing the Universe’s abundance to bless you with creativity, miracles, peace, harmony, and  all that is yours with ease. Followed by a book signing.7-9PM Cost $30 or $25 by 9/25 

Saturday, September 27thReconnect, Rebalance & Get out of Pain with MELT (as seen on Dr. Oz) w/Amba Greene Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck & lower back strain, improve alignment, and get your whole body working better. Join MELT Instructor Amba Greene for a 3-hour workshop created just for you. We’ll use soft foam rollers and small MELT Hand and Foot Balls to release stress that is stuck in your body, rehydrate your connective tissue and make your muscles and joints happy! Everyone feels immediate results! 11-2PM Cost $60 or $50 by 9/24

Saturday, September 27th – PSYCHIC CIRCLE Event w/Mini Photo Readings w/Michelle Whitedove Join Michelle Whitedove for a series of mini Photo Readings for all attendees. Come and sit in the circle and bring a recent photo of ONE person along with a question about that person who is living or deceased. Whitedove must be able to see the person’s eyes – no sunglasses please. Electronic photos work fine. A book signing will follow this event. 3-6PM Cost $55 or $49 by 9/26


Wednesday, October 1st – Introduction to Transformational Breath® w/Jamar Discover how breath is the key to personal transformation.  This is an extremely powerful modality that brings amazing changes in the area of your life where you need it most. Come watch and experience the art of Breath Analysis and the benefits of a full, deep, connected breath. See how one’s breathing pattern is a reflection of how one shows up in life – or doesn’t – and how to shift that. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns, clear the subconscious and connect more fully with one’s Higher Self.  Begin to heal yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Bring 2 pillows, a water bottle, and a blanket.  6-8:30PM Cost $45 or $40 by 9/30

Friday, October 3rd – Private Psychic Readings w/Countess Nadia Starella Schedule a one-on-one, in-person, private session at the Jamar Enlightenment Center with gifted Psychic Countess Nadia Starella. She is a visionary, clairvoyant, international celebrity, and TV/radio star, who shares profound messages wrapped up in mirth. She is an enlightenment facilitator, romance counselor and charismatic speaker! 2-6PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

Friday, October 3rd Living on the Edge of Chaos While Remaining Sane w/Dr. Christine Page Life seems to be moving faster than ever with the “stage” changing daily both at home and around the world, creating the feeling we are living on the edge of chaos unsure of which structures will survive and which will be swept away in the next wave of consciousness. And yet this place between structure and chaos is a powerful place of growth and transformation. Here intentionality can become highly focused allowing all energy to be used to create our reality from the deepest part of our being, benefiting all concerned. This workshop aims to reveal how to safely surf the waves, knowing when to float gently in the ocean of unlimited possibilities and when to stand firm on the shore of certainty. We will explore belief patterns and fears which anchor us to the past, safe ways to enter unknown territory and finally ways to create a world for ourselves and those we love which surpasses anything experienced before. 7-9PM Cost $40 or $35 by 10/2

Saturday, October 4th  Listening To The Wisdom Of The Body w/Dr. Christine Page For too long illness has been seen as a weakness or failure; yet in 60% of cases, illness is a wake-up call from the soul gaining attention by creating disharmony in the body or mind. The body is not the enemy, unsupportive of our endeavors; it is one of our greatest friends, taking on the stress we’re unable to handle emotionally, willing to express disharmony when we drift too far from our soul’s truth and providing us with clear signposts as to the direction to take. By tapping into the wisdom of the body we are shown the intricate links between the personality and the state of well-being and how we can achieve optimal health through soul directed health, despite modern day stresses. 10-5PM 2-day workshop. Cost $195 or $185 by 10/3.  Single Day: $105 or $95 by 10/3.  For all three days: $225 or $210 by 10/2.

Sunday, October 5th The Way of the Sacred Woman; Healing, Empowerment & Love W/Dr. Christine Page Most women are completely unaware of the abundant power, creativity and inspiration within their own bodies, which if engaged would profoundly change their sense of well-being and fulfillment. Today, women have successfully positioned themselves as equals next to men in many areas of society, yet much of this success has come through the expression of their masculine nature, while their feminine gifts remain hidden. The Way of the Sacred Woman is a workshop for learning and sharing, inspiring every woman to reconnect to her true power and purpose, bringing health, harmony and pleasure back into your life. 10-5PM 2-day workshop. Cost $195 or $185 by 10/3.  Single Day: $105 or $95 by 10/3.  For all three days: $225 or $210 by 10/2.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Monday, October 6th – The Seven Chakras: Evolutionary Centers of Consciousness w/Jamar (4Wks) Come learn what yogis have known for thousands of years about what and where your chakras are and how they affect your life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Start with a three-page self-test, and learn where you are “stuck” or blocked, and how to clear and move on.  Learn what mastery looks like in each chakra, the area of your life it affects, and how to self diagnose imbalances. This is a very powerful workshop, balancing lecture with experiential exercises and with practical application. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $125 or $99 by 10/5

Tuesday, October 7th – Healing Drumming Circle w/Grandfather Rick McBride This is a correct Native American ceremonial drum healing circle that uses Native American style hand drums and rattles in support of songs sung in the Lakota language. We begin with the Protection Song while smudging, followed by calling the Four Directions. You will have the opportunity to stand in the circle and receive a drum healing (entirely voluntary.) Your body is not physically touched, but the healing energy of/from Spirit are channeled through the healing drum combined with the steady backbeat of everybody drumming. Do join us even if you do not have your own drum or rattle; there are drums and rattles to share. This circle is supported by donations only; there is NEVER a charge for legitimate Native American ceremony. This drum circle is led by Grandfather Rick McBride, a mixedblood Tsalagi, sundancer and ceremonial leader with over 30 years active experience. 7-9PM RSVP Required.  Cost: Donation

Wednesday, October 8th – Angel Messages w/Deidre Abrami Join Deirdre, 6th Generation Psychic Intuitive & Angel Expert as she connects and communicates with your angels.  Your angels can help you with all areas of your life: health, relationships, career, purpose and much, much more! Deirdre will guide you through a meditation to meet your personalized angels, and once you do, you will open the door to continually connect with them.  She will also be sharing loving message with attendees.   Deirdre did not embrace her Angels until after a life-threatening illness in 2003, she claims her Angels helped heal her, and now she teaches others to do the same. 7-9PM  Cost  $35 or $30 by 10/7

Sunday, October 12th – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns.  4-5:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 10/11 Previous Breathers Only

Sunday, October 12th – Dyad Night: Listening, Contemplating, and Communicating Self w/Jamar This most powerful of Self-inquiry tools uses advanced communication techniques to clear the mind allowing You to shine through, unfiltered. Considered by some to be a talking meditation practice or a partner-assisted meditation. You will work with others in reaching a new level of higher communication by learning to listen without evaluation, judgment or criticism of Self or another while actively mastering contemplation. Using dyads we learn to trust ourselves and to speak from that place of inner awareness and deep knowing. Move beyond your ideas into a direct experience of reality. The evening will begin with a short explanation and overview. Jamar is a trained Enlightenment Master. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 10/11.  $50 for both Breath and Dyad by 10/11

Tuesday, October 14th – Past-Life Regression w/Maya Malay Have you ever wondered why you’re so drawn to a place or particular time in history? Or met someone you feel you’ve known forever? Perhaps even faint impressions or wisps of past times appear in your dreams or meditations? Past life regression allows a direct route to subconscious memories from previous incarnations that still hold influence in our current life today. The Regression Method is one of the most interesting modalities in self-discovery, often explaining fears, phobias, character traits, personal preferences and talents.  Past-life regression can assist us in becoming clear about who we are, understanding karmic relationships and releasing old influences that have extended from another lifetime into this one. Come join in this interesting evening as we journey inward, to other times, other places and how they relate to who we are today.   6:30-8:30 PM Cost $25 or $20 by 10/13

Wednesday, October 15th – Seeing Auras: A Gift of the Sixth Chakra w/Jamar Have you ever wondered about auras, the colors, and what they mean? An Aura is an extension of your energy field that demonstrates your mental and emotional states, and the physical health of the body.  We all have auras, and likewise the natural ability to see and read them. For most, that gift lies unexplored and untapped. Come spend some time awakening your sensitivity to the energy fields of others. Learn the simple steps involved in utilizing vision in and on a new plane and how to see, sense, and interpret auras within yourself and others. 7-9PM Cost $30 or $25 by 10/14

Saturday, October 18th – Psychic Fair: Join us for a Very Special Psychic Fair! The Most Amazing Lineup of South Florida’s Premier Psychics! Carole Ramsay: an empath, psychic, prophetic channel, facilitator/healer specializing in intuitive life readings. Jeremy Crumb:  is a psychic medium who connects you with loved ones to create healing and understanding.  Cynthia Hodges: angel & animal communications. Denise Powell: intuitive/tarot/angelic messages (specializes in romance, career and finances). Jeremy Moser: offers services that help spiritual seekers experience ongoing fulfillment and healing. Bring to Light your life purpose and learn how to live joyfully and abundantly in your authenticity! 12-5PM 1 reading=15 min. Cost $25; 2 readings $50; 3 readings $65; 4 readings $80; All Merchandise 10% off!

Sunday, October 19th – Psychic Intuitive Training Level 1 w/Deirdre Abrami Did you know that we are all psychic? It just takes practice to learn to listen, trust, and take action on your intuitive skills. Everyone is psychic. It merely means you are energy and are a spirit/soul.  You just need to learn to use those intuitive senses and develop them. Like exercising a muscle or learning a new skill, you get better with practice! When we are very sensitive and don’t know how to manage energy, we can feel confused, fearful, and even crazy! But, maybe you are just psychic! Deirdre Abrami, 6th Generation Psychic Intuitive, will assist you in discovering your untapped intuitive senses waiting inside of you. With this hands-on workshop, you will recognize ways you are already receiving psychic intuitive impressions, develop your natural intuitive senses and practice ones you usually don’t focus on, release any fears or blocks associated with your psychic intuitive abilities and much more. With this dynamic experiential workshop, participants will discover tools and techniques for sending and receiving messages, channeling Spirit, staying grounded, and facilitating healing. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. No previous experience required.  This workshop is non-denominational, and all religions and faiths are welcome. 1-6PM Cost $125 or $99 by 10/12

Tuesday, October 21st Wicca 101: Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day w/Lady Autumn Ivy Samhain or Halloween regardless of the holiday’s name of your choosing, this is the time of year when the veil between worlds is thinnest.  It is also considered “Witches’ New Year,” and it is when our powers of foresight and intuition are at their peak.  Tonight, we gather to commune with our ancestors, honor them, and ask for their guidance.  We will also use methods of divination and meditation to set our intention for the coming year.  Other topics include the history behind the holiday this workshop is for individuals on the Wiccan Path. Please bring any altar objects you like.  Photographs or other meaningful items of those who have passed are highly recommended.  Other objects can be decorative (Halloween or autumnal decor of any kind is welcome), and/or personal objects which you’d like to have charged. Attire for the evening is Black or Purple. 7-9PM Cost $25 or $20 by 10/20

Wednesday, October 22nd – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns.  6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 10/21

Friday, October 24th – An Evening of Messages from Heaven w/Rhonda Manning This will be Audience Readings (Gallery) from Crossed-Over Loved Ones. Rhonda is one of the top psychic mediums in Tennessee and is becoming known worldwide. Committed to bridging the gap between science and Spirit, she has been university tested with high accuracy rating and has appeared as a guest speaker for paranormal institutes and radio shows. Rhonda is an amazing and accurate evidentiary psychic medium and professional psychotherapist who is also featured on the most respected, intuitive-tested sites.  Wanting scientific and spiritual understanding of her abilities, she spent several years traveling the world training with shamans and some of the top mediums in the world. She routinely gives lectures on understanding intuition and mediumship in the new science of quantum energy.7-9PM Cost $40 or $35 by 10/23

Saturday, October 25th – Mediumship Skills Workshopw/Rhonda Manning The following material will be covered: How to Prepare for Mediumship & Trance States, Delivering the Messages & Obstacles, Types of Mediumship, Psychic vs. Medium vs. Channeling, Understanding Chakras, Clairs, & Energy, Understanding Crossed Over vs. EarthBound,  Learn Your Team of Helpers, Hands-on Practice of Intuition Medium Exercises  Rhonda is one of the top psychic mediums in Tennessee and is becoming known worldwide. Committed to bridging the gap between science and Spirit, she has been university tested with high accuracy rating and has appeared as a guest speaker for paranormal institutes and radio shows. Rhonda is an amazing and accurate evidentiary psychic medium and professional psychotherapist who is also featured on the most respected, intuitive-tested sites.  12-5PM Cost $120 or $95 by 10/24

Tuesday, October 28th – Drum Making w/Grandfather Rick McBride In this workshop you can build either a 15 inch octagonal or 14 inch round hand drum. Grandfather Rick has been building hand drums for 14 years and has helped many people create their own sacred drum. As you build your drum, he is also teaching about it; when to use it, etiquette and technique, use in ceremony, and about “waking” your drum to ceremonial practice. Drums are built in deference to the Spirits and with their help, but the actual process of building a drum is not ceremony. Cost: Octagonal is $160, Round is $190. Material deposits of $100 for octagonal or $130 for round are due on/before Monday, October 20. The tuition of $60 can be paid the day of. Class size limited; register early with your deposit. 6-9PM

Wednesday, October 29th – Intro to the Seven Healing Rays w/Lee Ann Somers The Seven Healing Rays are designed to simplify, organize, and guide us gently through our journey by identifying seven levels of self-exploration, revealing seven core lessons for personal empowerment, and facilitating the integration of seven Divine qualities or virtues into our consciousness. This intro class is designed to give a basic understanding of the Seven Healing Rays and the role they play in spiritual awareness. Through lecture and guided meditation, attendees will experience the healing power of these beautiful cosmic colors and frequencies, meet at least one of the Archangels and Ascended Master teachers of the Rays to receive personal guidance for their spiritual journey, and deepen their awareness of the Healing Rays connection to the energetic body as they relate to the seven chakras. 7-9PM Cost $30 or $25 by 10/28


Friday, November 7th – Kirtan with Wah! Join Wah! for an informal gathering of chanting (kirtan). Simple chants in Sanskrit will create a peaceful environment to meditate, sing, and rejuvenate. Wah! has spent a lifetime in music and spiritual pursuit, and shares her gifts with humor and awareness. If you’ve taken a yoga class in the last five years, you have no doubt heard her music which encompasses everything from free-flowing Savasana relaxation CDs to lively Sanskrit chants and acoustic pop tunes in English. Described by Australian Yoga Life magazine, “Wah! just might be a devi. She sings with the voice of a goddess.” We are happy to welcome her for this special program. Wah!’s multifaceted talent and crossover appeal establish her as one of the most versatile artists in the mantra music genre. 7:30-9:30PM Cost $20 or $25 by 11/6

Saturday, November 8th – Sound Workshop with Wah! This sound workshop is a series of exercises, breathing and meditation led by Wah!  It is fun and easy to do, suitable for all ages.  Come with a friend, come with a family member, come alone, and be together.  We will sing, breathe and meditate; it will change your understanding of sound, vibration and healing.  The energies brought forward in these workshops are the basis for Wah!’s Healing Concert, a feature length Song Cycle of meditative music, using vocals, keyboards, and special effects to inspire personal transformation and rejuvenation.   Wah! is a legend in the yoga world, creating high energy experiences using sound, meditation and music. Her sultry grooves rock the yoga festivals, her meditative Healing Concerts transform and guide. Her Savasana tracks have sold over 60,000 copies worldwide. A lifelong yogi, record label owner and accomplished musician, she shares her deep understanding of meditation and sound in this special workshop. 2-5PM Cost $40 or $50 by 11/7

Call (561) 630-2280 or stop by the Center to RSVP.


Ongoing Mondays – Private Psychic/Tarot/Angel Card Readings w/Denise Powell Denise is a naturally gifted spiritual & psychic intuitive. She works with her Angels and Spirit Guides in channeling information to help others find guidance and clarity in their lives. She specializes in romance, career and finances. Denise has been blessed with the gifts of Clairaudience (clear hearing), Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (emotional or physical feeling), Clairaugustine (to smell and taste), and most recently, the tool of automatic writing. With the assistance of angel and contemporary tarot cards, Denise will offer wisdom pertaining to all matters of the heart. 12-5PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

Ongoing Tuesdays – Akashic Record*, Color Cards, Psychic Medium, Tarot Readings or Reiki Healing Sessions w/Jeremy Moser Jeremy is a developed Psychic Medium who regularly accesses the Akashic Records* and facilitates healing energy as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Jeremy works with his Spirit Guides to channel relevant and practical spiritual wisdom and connect you with your loved ones in Spirit. No matter the type of session you schedule, you will break through blocks and restrictions to new levels of authentic self-awareness as well as step further into your spiritual purpose. Don’t delay, schedule an appointment today and create more abundance and joy! (*An initial Akashic Record Reading requires a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably 60 minutes, simply due to the depth of information and variety of areas covered.)  1-5PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

Ongoing Wednesdays and Thursdays – Private Psychic Angel Readings w/Cynthia Hodges Call to schedule or come by for a private reading with Cynthia who is a naturally gifted intuitive, psychic and empath. She is certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®. She compassionately delivers your messages of Love and Light. Through clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience Cynthia receives your messages from the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides to assist you with your life issues. Cynthia also intuitively works with the energy of crystals as a tool for healing. 2-6PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100

Ongoing Series Mondays & Thursdays – Yoga for Beginner’s Series w/Jamar (6Wks) Designed as a complete introduction to yoga or a great way to renew your yoga experience. Learn warm-ups, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation and relaxation techniques as our foundation. Learn to listen for and release emotional, spiritual and physical trauma or holding patterns stored in the body and again experience body, mind and emotions working together through yoga.  Next Monday series begins 10/20.  Next Thursday series begins 9/18.  7-8:45PM Cost $115 or $99 by day before series start date; or $20 per class drop in.  (NOTE:  Cost is per series: Mondays or Thursdays, not both.)


Notification of cancellation of your attendance or participation in any event, workshop or class must be received verbally during normal store hours, and at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled start time of the same to be honored. A credit will then be applied to your account for future use toward any event, workshop or class, or store purchase. No same day cancellations will be accepted. Failure to give notice will result in forfeiting of your payment. In the event that any scheduled class, workshop or event is cancelled by the Center or a Presenter, all registered participants for that event will receive a full refund of the amount paid.

*Please note that any early RSVP discounts are available only for tickets purchased in our Center Store.*