Calendar of Events

~ September 2016 ~

Friday, September 2nd – Introduction to Transformational Breath® w/Jamar Discover how breath is the key to personal transformation.  This is an extremely powerful modality that brings amazing changes in the area of your life where you need it most. Come watch and experience the art of Breath Analysis and the benefits of a full, deep, connected breath. See how one’s breathing pattern is a reflection of how one shows up in life – or doesn’t – and how to shift that. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns, clear the subconscious and connect more fully with one’s Higher Self.  Begin to heal yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 6:30-9PM Cost $45 or $40 by 9/1 – Click to Register Online

Friday, September 2nd – Private Psychic Readings w/Countess Nadia Starella Schedule a one-on-one, in-person, private session with gifted Psychic Countess Nadia Starella. She is a visionary, clairvoyant, international celebrity, and TV/radio star, who shares profound messages wrapped up in mirth. She is an enlightenment facilitator, romance counselor and charismatic speaker! 2-6PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100 – Click to Register Online 

Wednesday, September 7th – Getting Over Grief: The Slow Moving River w/Maya Malay The death of a loved one, expected or unexpected, leaves a trail of emotional turbulence that  is not completely understood or fully embraced. This is Grief. Often something that we try to repress or avoid, other times is so overwhelming there’s no escaping it.  Learning to work with grief allows us to deepen our capacity for love, decrease the attachments that cause suffering and to embrace more fully the mystery of the transmigrating Soul. In this class we come to a greater understanding of life and death, the skills to work with grief graciously and patiently and how to be changed for the better as a result of all that it offers us. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 9/6 – Click to Register Online

Thursday, September 8th – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns. 7-9PM Cost $40 or $35 by 9/7 – Click to Register Online

Saturday, September 10th – Psychic Fair: Join us for a Very Special Psychic Fair! The Most Amazing Lineup of South Florida’s Premier Psychics. 12-5PM 1 session=15 min. Cost $25; 2 sessions $50; 3 sessions $65; 4 sessions $80; All Merchandise 10% off! Featuring: Denise Powell, Lori Chadwick, Loretta LoGrasso, Paula Klempay, Kristina Angelgate


September 11th – 16th – Transformational Breath Training – Seminar (Levels 1, 2, 3) w/Jamar DAILY BREATHING SESSIONS * TONING & SOUND HEALING * BREATH AND MOVEMENT * BYRON KATIE’S “THE WORK” * FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH POSTURES * BREATHING ANALYSIS * ABUNDANCE PROGRAM * DYADIC SOUL COMMUNICATION * FORGIVENESS EXERCISE * FOCUSING, ENTRAINMENT, & UNVEILING EXERCISES * WATER BREATHING * FUN BREAK STATES * ADVANCED BREATHS TO ACCESS HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS * MANUAL & JOURNAL INCLUDED .. Plus Much More! The course is the first step in becoming certified in one of the most powerful self-healing modalities in the world today. Jamar is a certified “Inner Awakening” Yoga instructor, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner, Meditation teacher, Life-Support facilitator, Transformational Breath® Senior Trainer, Pranic Energy Healer, and Enlightenment Master. Cost $1,500 39 NCBTMB Certified CEUs available at no extra cost –  Click to Register Online

Friday, September 16th – Private Psychic Readings w/Lori Chadwick Make an enchanted appointment with LoriShe is the former owner of the Witch’s Hat located in Royal Palm Beach, Fl.  She has been a Tarot reader for 20 years occasionally using her mediumship to guide her.   Lori specializes in BUSINESS prosperity, in bringing LOVE and HARMONY to all her clients through her work with energy and blessing of the candles. She’s also very experienced with animal energy being able to guide the owner. She has been the guest speaker in numerous radio talk shows and has been a featured business in the local papers. Lori has the distinction of being a 5th generation WICCA high priestess. 11-4PM Cost 15 min/$30, 30 min/$50, 45 min/$75, 60 min/$100 – Click to Register Online

Tuesday, September 20th – Introduction to SoulCollage® w/ Elise Crohn Learn the fun intuitive process of SoulCollage® & make your own deck of 5”X8” collaged oracle cards with deep personal meaning to help with life’s questions & transitions.  Evolve your understanding of your personality, your community, and your dreams, symbols, and soul through this gentle creative process developed by Jungian psychotherapist Seena Frost. At this workshop you will learn the basics components of a SoulCollage® deck, make at least one SoulCollage® card, and learn a writing/sharing exercise that helps you channel the card’s meaning. No previous art experience is expected or required! All supplies included. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $30 or $25 by 9/19 – Click to Register Online

Thursday, September 22nd – Autumn Solstice Shamanic Journey w/Paula Klempay Join us to learn what your personal opportunities and challenges are this Autumn. We will welcome the new season, and will journey to get guidance and advice on how to navigate the upcoming months. All are welcome. Paula Klempay has been a Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer and Teacher since 1994.  She trained extensively with the Sandra Ingerman and with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS). See for more information about Paula and her work. 7-9PM Cost $30 or $25 by 9/21 – Click to Register Online

Friday, September 23rdGallery Psychic Readings w/Deirdre Abrami Feeling Stressed? Needing Some Guidance? Missing Deceased Loved Ones? Everyone is assigned guides and angels, and they assist us with all areas of our lives, so why not access their knowledge to make our lives easier? Join Deirdre Abrami, 6th Generation Psychic Intuitive for an evening of receiving loving messages from these beings.  Deirdre uses her intuitive abilities to be utilized as a conduit between these non-physical beings and people. Bring a question, or be open to receive a message from the spirit world. Deirdre has learned to enhance her own intuition over the years with the help of her guides and angels, from healing a life threatening illness, to manifesting a great career and much more. Only 16 Attendees Max, to keep group intimate and ALL Attendees are guaranteed to receive a message. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $50 or $45 by 9/22 – Click to Register Online

Saturday, September 24th – Animal Consciousness:  What Animals Want You To Know w/Sandra Mendelson As a hopeful sign of humanity’s increasing spiritual awareness (that is, there are enough of us who are open to listening) the animal world is stepping forward to share their perspectives and insights with us. Their voices reflect the current state of their individual spiritual paths, some revealing rather witty and hilarious views on human folly, others acting as channels for Higher Consciousness. All are providing insights on how we can co-create, with our patiently awaiting animal partners, a world that heals and thrives.  Come hear channel Sandra Mendelson as she shares some profound and entertaining animal insights and the “One Thought At A Time” daily practice, straight from the animals themselves, to create change from within. 1-3PM Cost $30 or $25 by 9/23 – Click to Register Online

Tuesday, September 27th – Transformational Breath® w/Jamar A profound and deeply moving process that helps integrate, re-program and release negative beliefs or behaviors, replacing them with new feelings of passion, joy and hope. Experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Eliminate restrictive breathing patterns.  6:30-8:30PM Cost $40 or $35 by 9/26 – Click to Register Online

Wednesday, September 28th – Healing at the Speed of Thought w/Peter Siskind This is a fun, relaxed, and interactive meeting where each person will learn to balance and heal themselves energetically…. (almost instantly) You will quickly understand energy.  You will learn to become centered and balanced.  You will learn to heal your physical issues. You will learn to heal emotional issues.  (no one will know what you are healing)  Finally, you will learn how to heal yourself on the Quantum level: from internal organs to the cellular level. Everything gets demystified.  You find out how easy this is and how complex you can take it. If you weren’t a healer before this class – You should be when you leave.  Peter is decorated Vietnam Veteran, a member of the USA National Team for 3 Olympic campaigns, a very successful entrepreneur, and an energetic healer.  He has a healing technique that removes physical and emotional pain within minutes. He has simplified this to teach others to heal themselves …. beyond their imaginations. 6:30-8:30PM Cost $25 or $20 by 9/27 – Click to Register Online

Thursday, September 29th – Angelic Readings and Healings Circle w/Rev. Kristina Angelgate Are you looking to receive Clarity to personal questions but don’t know where to turn? Join Rev. Kristina Angelgate, formerly from The Changing Times store in West Palm Beach, as she connects and communicates with your deceased loved ones & pets, angels and spirit guides to help you in health, relationships, career, and much more. Everyone will : • Learn how to connect with their Angels. • Experience a meditation exercise to open your spiritual chakras. • Meet their personal angels. • Receive personalized messages from your deceased loved ones and pets in open gallery style. • Receive a personalized card reading with Doreen Virtue Angel Cards in an open gallery style. Join Kristina for two hours to learn that once you connect , you will always have that communication ready to help you when you ask. 7-9PM Cost $35 or $30 by 9/28 – Click to Register Online

Friday, September 30th – Biofeedback Quantum Healing Demonstration w/Peter Amato The body’s health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level.  The EPFX – Quantum Biofeedback system takes a multitude of different stress reduction programs, methods, and techniques, and merges them into a simple well-rounded approach.  This system calculates a voltage, resistance, and other factors to determine whether or not your energetic fields are normal or disturbed. Our EPFX uses the biofeedback principle to detect abnormal and aberrant frequencies within your body. The system uses a computer to measure over 10,000 frequencies. Comparing known energetic frequencies or signatures with those in your individual information field provides a baseline measurement for detecting nutritional imbalance, allergies, abnormalities, food sensitivities, illnesses, and disease. To Read more about Peter visit and his services visit 6:30-8:30PM Cost $30 or $25 by 9/29 – Click to Register Online

~ October 2016 ~

Saturday, October 1st – Celebrity Psychic Gallery Readings w/Michelle Whitedove, author & TV personality You may have seen her on the TODAY Show, Millionaire Matchmaker or featured in an HBO Documentary. Michelle Whitedove has been tested on TV more than any other American Medium. She was awarded the title of AMERICA’S TOP PSYCHIC by LIFETIME TV and tested on European TV too.  Join Celebrity Psychic and Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove for this afternoon of fascinating Photo Readings. Just bring the most recent photo of your loved one, living or deceased. (In photo, the eyes must be able to be seen well) or come prepared with your most important question. This event is limited to 35 people. A book signing will follow this event: Whitedove is the author of six books that teach us about the adventures of the soul. For more info go to  2-5PM Cost $55 or $50 by 9/30 – Click to Register Online

SPECIAL EVENT WEEKEND October 7th – 9th – Reclaim Your SuperpowersTM w/Jamar The Reclaim Your Superpowers program allows us to experience hidden and dynamic part of the mystical self by utilizing the energy of the Universal Life-force created through the unique breathing techniques used in Transformational Breath. In effect, the course teaches us how Transformational Breath can be used as an effective tool to support the actualization of what we might even consider our Superpowers. The Breath is your most direct connection with Life Force Energy, and the essential flow of life occurs in each breath. However, cultural and family conditioning often leads to the disruption of our natural healthy breathing patterns. Transformational Breathing is a powerful holistic approach to your world. When we transform the way we breathe, we also transform the way we experience life. (RYP) is one of several official TBF introductory weekends that allow you to discover profoundly the three levels of Transformational Breath and experience them if four very powerful breathing sessions. This weekend is a wonderful way to explore and experience the power and breath work of a minimal commitment and maximum results. Discover your own unique breathing pattern, begin to open your breath, feel the dramatic shift in your life as a result. Clear negativity in the subconscious, and understand how Transformational Breath clears cellular memory. Discover how and why we can use the breath to create more Spiritual awareness and open your unique gift. What Superpowers would you once again utilize and exercise. Be an adult and still be magical!  Fri 6-9PM, Sat 9-5PM, Sun 9-12PM Cost $349 or $299 by 8/30 or $249 by 8/23

~ November 2016 ~

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